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Hiking in Forest Hall

Very near Tamodi, in the heart of the Crags is beautiful Forest Hall. It is situated on the Western edge of the Tsitsikamma National Park.

Forest Hall is near the last section of the extremely popular Otter Trail. The Otter Trail is 42,5kms, along 80 km of coastal mountains, forest and beaches. It takes 5 days to complete, 4 nights are spent in comfortable huts with amazing views. Although is necessary to book a place on the Otter Trail well in advance, some of the exceptional hikes within Forest Hall can be done instead. These take you through beautiful indigenous forest down to the secluded beaches at the foot of the cliffs.

One of them is the Forest Hall coastal cave walk, this involves swimming through a cave at low tide. It is a challenging hike and must be done by experienced hikers who know when the tide will be out. If you want more child-friendly gentle walks, there are more options only a short distance away at Natures Valley.