How we are managing reservations during the Coronavirus:
Special Covid Rates & Information you need to know



Stay in one of our Free-standing cottages for R4000 per suite for two people

▪Normally R5060.00

Stay in one of our luxury suites with a private plunge pool for R4000 per suite for two people

▪Normally R6160.00

Stay in the main lodge building with the use of it as a three bedroom house will a full kitchen and braai area at R6000.00 for the three bedroom house per night for up to 6 people sharing (Season dependent)

▪Normally R13 000.00 for all three rooms

Please note that the rates given above are on a suite-only basis

We are so excited to welcome guests back to Tamodi Lodge for a getaway during this uncertain time! What better place to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city than to escape to Plettenberg Bay and stay at a lodge that has lots of space for social distancing? We will be running all the suites at Tamodi as limited self-catering, which will promote social distancing even more! This means that you can come and relax with us and not worry about close contact with staff and other guests. Feel free to explore the farm and the surrounding areas, where there is plenty of space to enjoy without encroaching on anyone else.

Please understand that we are doing our best to manage opening in the new climate of Covid-19, and as such we ask for your patience while we navigate this unchartered territory! We will  no longer be serving breakfast, and have instead opted for more of a suite-only option as this will limit contact between guests and staff. Each suite has a small kitchenette that is equipped with a bar fridge, toaster, kettle, coffee machine and microwave allowing for limited catering, however small meals and heating up of takeaways is very easy and quick to manage! Please note that there are no braai/barbeque facilities/ovens/hot plates for suite 4, 5, 6 and 7.

You are free to walk and move around the farm (please walk with a mask in case you come into contact with other guests or staff).

The main lodge building (Suites 1, 2 and 3) will be offered as one unit with three bedrooms, sleeping up to six people. Please understand that this means that guests staying in suite 4, 5, 6 and 7 will not always have access to main lodge building.

Hand sanitiser will be placed in each suite – please be diligent about sanitising your hands whenever you enter your room.

On arrival we will organise a time with you for someone to come and clean your suite each day during your stay with us. Should you prefer not to have staff in your suite, we completely understand and respect that you would prefer no staff!

According to the new regulations set out by our department of Tourism, on arrival each guest will need to provide us with a full name and ID/passport number, physical address and contact number. Your temperature will be taken on arrival and in line with travel regulations put into place by our Department of Tourism:

  • Should you have a high temperature reading on arrival you will be asked to return to your place of residence.
  • Should you start to feel ill during your stay, please report your symptoms to management so that the required procedures can be followed.

Please take note of our Covid-19 cancellation policies (in line with the Department of Tourism’s regulations):

  • Any cancellations that are related to a positive covid-19 test up to the date of your arrival will get a voucher to the value of what has been paid, valid for 18 months.
  • Should you run a temperature during the course of your stay, a medical professional will be notified and the above terms and conditions will apply.
  • The guest will be responsible for charges accrued from any appointments made on behalf of the guest with a medical professional
  • Should you be required by a medical professional to extend your stay at Tamodi Lodge due to Covid-19 isolation and strict quarantine, you will be required to pay for the additional days spent residing at Tamodi (at an agreed upon amount between guest and management).
  • Should the Government re-institute level 4 or 5 lockdown and you find yourself unable to travel back to your place of residence, you will be required to pay an amount per day spent at Tamodi Lodge as agreed between yourself and management.
  • Standard cancellation policies as laid out on our website apply for all other cancellations.